Intimate vs Atlantic Records Inc

Why it is so important to fight record companies who routinely breach contracts

Errol Michael Henry explains how Atlantic Records breached their recording agreement with them and the significant losses he incurred whilst fighting to recover his music from them.

• After Errol has invested thousands more man hours, effort and even moreof his own money into the project, Craig Kallman (President & CEO of Atlantic Records Inc) approached Errol insisting that that he betray his core values in order to keep the deal alive.

• Errol Michael Henry: despite recognising that standing firm to his principles could ruin him financially, refused to be ‘bought’ by Mr Kallman (or anyone else for that matter.

• Mr Kallman made good on his previously expressed threats to ‘destroy’ Errol’s business, but eventually, Atlantic Records were forced to return Errol’s Music to him – something they had vowed never to do.