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“Songwriters, musicians, performers and producers have been ruthlessly exploited by a corrupt industry for too long. The robbery, abuse, deceit and slavery must stop: the time for justice has come.”

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Music Justice: facilitating freedom, restoration and recompense.

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Who we are

Who we are

Errol Michael Henry established Music Justice in 2016. Errol is a songwriter, producer, label owner and music publisher who has worked in the music industry for more than 3 decades. Keen to put an end to the historic and often ruthless exploitation of creative people, Errol assembled a team of highly qualified, passionate and trusted professionals who have considerable practical experience covering the creative, business management and legal aspects of the music industry.

What we do

What we do

Our aims are very simple indeed. We seek to provide reparative justice for artists, performers, songwriters, producers and indie label owners. In short, if a supposedly legitimate company is pirating your music or recording rights, mismanaging or not lawfully exploiting those rights, not paying your due royalties or incorrectly accounting to you – Music Justice can help in the following ways:

  • Recovery of copyrights (recorded music and publishing)
  • Re-negotiating existing contracts or releasing you from unfair agreements
  • Forensic audit and recovery of unpaid royalties
  • Music rights management and exploitation
  • Facilitating compensation for you due legal abuses or neglect
What we charge

What we charge for our services

Transparency is pivotal to everything we do here. We charge no upfront fees or other charges. Our model is based on commission for proven successes only. If we accept and win your case, our commission will be limited to 20% of any agreed settlement (plus approved expenses incurred during the process of bringing your case to a satisfactory conclusion).

How we can help you

How we can help you

One of the reasons that numerous abuses (monetary, legal or otherwise) that companies get away with bad practices is because people feel powerless to respond when faced with the might of large, well funded advisories. Music Justice team fought (and defeated) some of the biggest music companies in the world and will provide the support, expertise and know-how to get you the justice that you so richly deserve.

If you think you need our services, then contact us for a confidential chat to see how we can help, upload your case details here

“Bad things continue to happen when people ignore wrongdoing. I can’t stand by and watch another generation of creative people suffer the same fate as those who have gone before – so I have resolved to do something about it.”
– Errol Michael Henry (Founder of Music Justice)

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Informative, hard-hitting articles about what really goes on within the music industry.

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